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BOP CCTV Installation
See more information on the actia site here Safeguarding drivers, passengers & vehicles

With Actia’s BOP digital CCTV systems, bus, coach and truck operators have the tool to protect both themselves, their drivers and their passengers. With high quality recording, long storage times and exportable data suitable for evidential use, BOP is the ideal solution to combat anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and fraudulent insurance claims.

BOP HD: 400 frames per second (global frame rate)

BOP EQ: 200 frames per second (global frame role)

Secure removable Slide disk hard drives

Multiple connectivity means easy upgrade and expansion

Range of camera types, resolution and focal lengths


BOP has been developed specifically for vehicle use, and is capable of withstanding the rigours of this environment, without any corruption of data through bumps and jolts.

All Actia systems provide great recording quality, large hard disk drives. and a proven record in delivering the security. evidence. and crime deterrent demanded by the vehicle operator.

Many thousand of hours of Actia CCTV footage have been used as evidence in cases of anti-social behaviour. vandalism and contested insurance claims. Indeed. our customers report an incident capture rate in excess of 98% using BOP.


Standard BOP EQ is available for up to 8 cameras. while movie quality BOP HD offers up to 8 or 16 cameras.

BOP's flexible connectivity offers a range of options to enhance recordings and usage, including telematics, GPS/data-logging, driver's microphone, driver‘s monitor, wi-fi depot download, live streaming and passenger information