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CCTV is a must for taxi, coach and truck operators, it can prove the liability for accidents and as a result reduce false claims and lower your insurance premiums.

CCTV helps to protect drivers, passengers, and assets in harsh mobile environments. Drivers feel safer as CCTV acts as a deterrent to criminal behaviour within and around the vehicle, passengers feel safer even when travelling alone, and equipment, assets, goods-in-transit, and cash are less likely to go missing. But our systems go further by enabling fleet operators to improve operational efficiency by adding options such as GPS positional recording and electronic monitoring of vehicle functions such as doors open/closed, left and right turn indicators, speed and impact sensors, brake lights etc.

Our technology ensures this sensitive data is kept safe through our innovative use of ruggedized housings, lockable recording media, and encrypted data files. This allows video information to be presented in legal proceedings as it has very high levels of integrity.

A 4 channel system is the most common
For bus and trucks
It contains 
1 MDVR 250-500Gb
1 forward facing camera
2 side cameras and 1 rear view camera
Fitted from £1,200
6 channel system for coach and bus,
as above with two internal cameras
1 entrance facing camera
1 isle facing camera
Fitted from £1,600
8 channel system for double deckers
Same as before with
1 upper deck isle facing camera
1 rear entrance facing camera
Fitted from £1,800

GPS positioning,

Playback software


remote control

Software and training supplied.

Add a 5 or 7 inch monitor

that switches to rear view when reversing.

Can view the upper deck or passengers when driving, or switch to a door when operated.

Also you can set up, view recordings and move the files to a flash drive without using the laptop or computer.

CCTV Installation
All prices exclude VAT